Birmingham Stag Do Ideas

Planning activities, choosing a theme and much more

For plenty of ideas on what to do, where to stay and what to dress up as look no further. Here at Stag and Hen Birmingham we have lots of experience in organising stag dos and have seen dozens of great ideas over the years. From staying in a luxury apartment to wild costumes take a look for some advice on how to plan the best stag do for the groom.

Activity Ideas

Activities to suit the whole group

Choosing the best activities to do on a stag do can be difficult as some guests may not want to or be capable of doing certain activities. A good idea may be to choose a couple of day and night activities, present them to the group and put it to a vote. Then if anyone has any problems they can mention them. Go for an exciting daytime activity such as assault course and then a relaxed evening meal or night out in the city.  

Popular Stag Do activities

As there are so many activities available we have chosen some of the most popular for you to have a look at. Why not try snowboarding, power biking or archery? Then relax with a few beers at night before the big night out.


Popular stag Party Themes

A bit of advice...

Getting all the lads to dress up on a stag do leads to a lot of laughs and a great time for the groom. It gets everyone involved and seeing what each lad has come up with on the night can be hilarious. Here are a few ideas for you all.

Traditional – go with a classic theme that is broad so all the lads can choose different costumes. Themes include: superheroes & villains, cavemen, movies, army and boy scouts. Why not try out an assault course to go with the army theme?

Comedy – comedy themes can be a lot of fun and it is exciting to see what each person turns up as. You will certainly turn heads with some of these costumes which include: rocky horror, 118 men, school girls, nuns and the well-known borat mankini!

Out there – want to do something a bit crazy? If the groom is up for some wild costumes, then this theme is for you. Think inflatable fruit, ballerinas, grumpy old men and storm troopers. This will let the lads get creative with their costumes.

Gentleman – want an upper class stag do? Why not all go as gentleman by wearing suits, bow ties, pocket watches and top hats. Maybe a fake moustache too! Add to this theme by staying in a luxury apartment and opting for a poker afternoon.

Classic tees – this is a popular option which simply involves getting t-shirts printed with all your nicknames, some funny quotes and some embarrassing photos of the groom. It is also a nice keepsake for the groom to remember his last night of freedom with the lads!

Where to stay

Stay Somewhere Perfect

Find the best place to stay for your stags

Finding the ideal place to stay that is close to the city centre and suits all your needs can be difficult as a lot of places do not accept stag parties. Luckily Stag and Hen Birmingham have found some great accommodation that all allow stag parties.  They are split into bronze, silver, gold and luxury apartments to suit your budget and needs.

Our Featured Apartments

Hints and Tips

Make sure your accommodation:

  • Accepts stag parties
  • Is near a shop/takeaway for when hunger strikes
  • Is near the centre of town
  • Is near public transport for getting to your activities
  • Has a bar for pre drinks!
  • Has a car park
  • Has an appropriate check out time
  • Has enough rooms available for the whole party

City Guide


As Britain's 2nd largest city, Birmingham is located in the heart of the UK making it easily accessible from most places. A Birmingham stag weekend is fast becoming the weekend of choice for a lot of stags wanting to finish off single life in style.

We know your stag weekend is all about getting the beers flowing before you've even joined the M6 and once it's booked and your on your way our work is done. But here at Stag and Hen Birmingham we do like to give a little bit more of helping hand to kick start what is undoubtedly going to the be the weekend you will be discussing everytime you've had a few in the years to come. Below are just a few of our hints and tips to making your Stag weekend unforgettable and if you have'nt yet booked your Stag do helping to make Birmingham your destination of choice.

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activities icon


So you've booked your hotel, a few activities for the weekend and the night is sorted Great. Here is a few ideas to really get the Stag Party going.

Drinking games - Step 1 Think Is this going to end badly?...Well now we've established that yes is most likely we can get on to Step 2. Game ideas - Aimed at getting the Stag obliterated. From the Thumb Game to the Anchor man challenge drinking games are definetly the way to get the party going. Try our personal favourites for game ideas or

Pub Crawls - Now what is better on a lad's weekend than a pub crawl. Especially one that is already pre planned for you. Now in Birmingham there are a few our favourite being the Metro Pub Crawl, which takes all the way from Birmingham to Wolverhampton and back!! If you want a bit of help with planning a pub crawl give us a shout and we will happily pass on sound advice. Why not add a game of Pub Golf in and take the stress out of thinking of a theme. Although we must add we cannot guarantee all your party making it to your final destination.

Shopping -Before you stop reading all together we've put this section in for the more sophisticated men of your group who may fancy a bit of a look around the infamous Bullring with its 160 shops or just as a note to the guys in your group who after packing there bag for the weekend turn up with no shoes and need to know where best to go. The Bullring is located in the centre of town easy walking distance from all our hotels. With a selection of snacks bars and eateries it is ideal for gabbing a spot of lunch before the activities start if you fancy it.


clubbing icon

Guest Lists for Clubs

Birmingham has some of the best clubs in the UK and is a must visit for any Stag do. Now there is nothing worse than standing in a queue outside the clubs for what seems like a duration, especially if you've just spent a fortune getting bladdered to start to sober up. As part of every booking we arrange for free for your group to go on one venue's guestlist for one night of your stay ensuring no queuing is required. Restrictions apply for larger groups but we can discuss that at time of booking your Birmingham Stag Weekend.


meals out icon

Meals Out

Whether you want a proper meal before you go out, or your grabbing a kebab is your food of choice for the weekend there are a few options in Birmingham City Centre.

The Mailbox - A slightly more upmarket destination where fancy dress is not the most welcome attire of choice and you're more likely to find a slightly older crowd. If a curry is your food of choice then try Red Peppers where you will not be disappointed. The Mailbox is also a good place to start your night out with a few real ales at Penny Blacks or some of the other bars before making the 5 minute walk to Broad Street to finish the party as the stag rule book states - In a state.

China Town - Located just 5 minutes walk from New Street Station, Birmingham's China town is a vibrant quarter of the city and home to some of the more alternative bars and clubs you might want to visit on your Birmingham Stag Do. Whether you fancy a bit of Karaoke after your Chinese or you want to head down to the Arcadian where you will find Arca pounding out House music or Poppy Red for your funky beats, China Town has it all.

Kebabs - Broad Street that really is all we need to say I am sure you can figure out the rest!

Learn more about Birmingham city centre in greater detail here:



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