Party like the Movies

by Kimberly Low on 14/07/2016

You and your best friend have been movie buffs for as long as you know each other so when it comes to throwing him or her a hen/stag party, of course you are going to host one with a movie theme! Now the question is, how are you planning on pulling this off?

How are you going to incorporate your favourite movies into one of the most important things that you're organising for the bride/groom-to-be aka your best friend? Well, we are here to help:

1. Decide on the movie(s) or genre


This is a very important step to take as it will determine the direction and style of the entire party. While it's easy to jump to your favourite movie but you have to be careful not to pick one that is hard to be translated into a party. Imagine choosing a dramatic film that is more about the acting than the set, films such as “Mystic River” or “The Lovely Bones”, it would be rather difficult to encapsulate the movie into a party. Other than showing the films, there's probably not many references that you can adapt into your party.

So, find something that is very distinct in style. A good example of a movie with a distinctive style is “The Great Gatsby” with its 1920s glamour of the prohibition era. Another way to go about setting the party theme is choosing a genre. This will open up more options for you too as you don’t have to stick to just one film.

2. Characters and costumes

Now that you have determined the movie theme of your hen party, it's time to sort out the costumes; who is who and who wears what. It's a very good idea to write down a simple brief or guidelines for the hens/stags so that everyone is able source for their own costumes (whether it's DIY, buying or renting).

3. Decorations

movies party

This is why setting a distinct movie theme for the party is important as it would make your life a lot easier when it comes to decorating the party. If you already have movie paraphernalia such as movie posters and set props, great. If you don’t, you can use specific details in your chosen films and expand on them. For example, let's say you’ve chosen Bridget Jones Diary as your movie theme; you could decorate your party with knickers, Bunny ears, margaritas and diaries. Populate the rest of the space with party essentials like buntings, streamers, balloons, and throw in some customisations with DIY signages.

4. Choosing the venue

Where should you throw this movie theme hen/stag party? You can actually book out a movie theatre for your party (wouldn’t that be amazing?) but if the budget does not permit, rent an apartment or better yet, do it at a place where the location was featured in a your chosen film.

5. Activities

The obvious thing is of course hosting a showing of all the chosen films that are the inspirations for your party. You can also incorporate classic hen/stag games with minor changes to the game names to suit the party theme. Quizzes, charades, murder mystery are games that will work very well in a movie theme hen/stag party.

So remember, decide on a movie or genre first and work your way up from there. Have an awesome movie theme do!