Out Top 5 Favourite Hen Costumes

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Trai Hadfield on 31/01/2017

Okay so now is the time to stop putting of that hen party planning and start thinking about what kind of weekend you and the girls deserve most. Well there is one thing we recommend any hen group adds to the night out as it is sure to make for a memorable experience. Fancy dress has been a long standing hen night tradition and with good reason too. What better way is there to draw all the attention to the beautiful bride to be and her hens on her last night of freedom.

hen costumes

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1)Angels and Devils

What better outfit sums up the naughty but nice vibe that comes with a hen night then angels and devils. These outfits perfectly embody the general attitude of a hen on a night out and it will help you unleash your wild side. We will leave you to figure out who’s going to be the angels and who’s going to be the devils, so play nice!

angel and devil hen costumes


2) Neon Outfits

If there is one thing we know you hen groups need more of on your night out its attention right? Well why not just go all out and get your girls some sexy neon outfits to make sure everyone out there sees what you’ve got. Trust us with costumes like these you will be turning heads on every dance floor you join so you better bust out your best moves.

neon hen outfit


3) Disney Princesses

A classic hen outfit choice the Disney Princess brings everything you want on your night out. This will give you all the chance to dress up as your favourite Disney characters and wear beautiful dresses to boot. Disney outfits always make for the best photo opportunities on a night out in my opinion, I mean just imagine Snow White, Cinderella and Elsa lining up shots at the bar.

disney princess hen costume


4) Super Heroines  

Given how popular superheroes are these days now would be a great time to show off a few superheroines. This would make for an amazing hen outfit theme as it makes for a good excuse to dress up in cool and sexy outfits that are sure to impress where ever you go. You could even fit in a little crime fighting before you head home, trust me I wouldn’t want to be the mugger who bumps into you ladies on your night out.

super hero hen costume


5) Circus

Now for a more unique and extravagant outfit idea why not try a Circus theme on your hen night. this can offer a variety of fun outfit ideas from the commanding sexy ring mistress to the plain old silly clown costume. With a little creativity you could end up with a bit of a mixed bag of good hen costumes all within the same theme and that’s a show I’d love to see.

circus hen costume


With all of these incredible costume ideas it's easy to see how your Birmingham hen party would be massively improved by getting your girls all dressed up. Take it from us it's always the little silly things like these costumes that end up bringing everyone's wild side out and they also make for fantastic photo opportunities as well.