Our Favorite Birmingham Festivals

by Kimberly Low on 15/09/2016

There are many cultural events and festivals in Birmingham which have become a big source of enjoyment and entertainment for the people, both citizens and tourists alike.

These festivals are held throughout the year and depict the true culture and history of the city of Birmingham.


Each month has its own unique festivities in Birmingham. Here are some of our favourites:


In January the annual festival is the “Hippodrome Festival” which is the largest touring theatres festival in the United Kingdom. It features a variety of music, dance, opera and ballet, while Birmingham’s favorite pantomime is displayed in the theatres. 


With February comes “Chinese New Year”. The most famous event of this festival is the lion dancing, while other events include Chinese inspired activities. There is also a fireworks display!


In March, the “Yonex All England Open Badminton Championship” comes along. It is the most prestigious badminton championship event in the world! Although not exactly a festival, this event is listed among the top four badminton championship events should not be missed! You will find the greatest players from around the world taking part in this competition.


In April, the people of Birmingham celebrate the “Vaisakhi” festival. It is the world’s largest Vaisakhi celebration. Although it is the event of Sikh community, people of all community enjoy it because it has various cultural activities – children’s play areas, arts and crafts exhibitions and various sports and entertainments events are held in this festival. 


“International Dance Festival Birmingham” takes place in the month of May. This festival lasts for four weeks and gathers all street dancers from all around England to compete. Definitely a treat for all age groups.


June hosts the “BASS” festival in which the world of Black Art is celebrated. This festival is loved because of the entertainment it provides in music, culture and art sense.

July & August

Through July and August, there’s the “Birmingham Caribbean Festival”. A food festival through and through, you’re in for some great food, tasty rum and fresh seasonal fruits and juices. It is a huge festival, enjoyed by thousands of people.


In September, Birmingham holds “Birmingham Chili Festival”. There’s no entrance fees to this family festival, so bring everybody including the dog! These stalls sell chili inspired food alongside dance performance and entertainment. Watch out for cooking demonstrations by cooking experts too.


Lastly, you will get to enjoy “Birmingham Comedy Festival and Fierce Festival” in October. Many renowned comedians participate in this comedy festival every year. Don’t forget “Fierce!”, a festival of live arts and performances.

What an exciting place eh, this Birmingham? We hope you’ll have a wonderful time in the West Midlands and don’t forget to sample some jaw-breaking pork scratchings from the Black Country.