Naked Attraction: Behind the scenes of the New TV Show

by Kimberly Low on 22/09/2016

If you thought that ITV's Love Island is one of the most controversial shows to ever to appear on British television, well brace yourself as you’re in for a brand new shocker.

Channel 4 is pushing the envelope with a new addition to the tired reality dating genre. Imaginatively called “Naked Attraction”, the first episode made its debut in summer and features a single woman and a single man respectively choosing a date from a line-up of six butt-naked candidates. Yes, completely naked save for their faces which are concealed; because you know, eyes are windows to the souls and other similar types of inconveniences.

The man and woman are then welcomed to dismiss the physiques that they don't feel allured by, clarifying their decisions as they go. They will then uncover the face of the last naked person standing, before going on a date (dressed, thank goodness!) to find out if they’re on the way to happily ever after.

Mattie Roche, a 33-year-old craftsman from Merseyside, said that getting naked on national TV was not embarrassing at all as he is, in his own words, “very comfortable with nakedness” – not unexpected given he used to work as a stripper. The former stripper however did reveal that he was not thrilled to have to expose the elephant tattoo near his pelvis.

A female contestant, who rather not be named, unfortunately did not enjoy her time on the show as much. She said that being on Naked Attraction was a traumatic experience as she heard people giggling the moment her naked body was unveiled. Talk about having your self-confidence smashed to smithereens.

Some sexual researchers and psychologists believe that the bodies alone may be the best information for us to choose a partner, yet majority of dating decisions are driven generally by factors such as one’s dress sense, occupation or even the way one eats. Naked Attraction aims to rise above all the white noise and jump straight into what matters – how you look like in the nude, obviously.   

The truth is, with contestants dry humping each other in the shower and having sex under the sheets on Big Brother as well as Love Island, Naked Attraction is really not anymore shocking than what’s already offered on our televisions. Clearly, imagination is 1998 and late.