Choosing the right band for your Wedding or Party

by Kimberly Low on 12/05/2016

Some people know from the get-go as to what kind of music or band that they want at their wedding. However, many couples don’t really have a clue and tend to leave choosing a music band as the final thing to do in wedding planning.

This often does not end well. When you leave picking a band as the last thing to do, you’re left with not much time to vet through the talents. This is exactly how you land yourself with a band that you wished you had never hired.

wedding band

Music is very important element in a wedding. A good band is the difference between your guests politely chatting to each other on their seats wondering when it’s time to leave and having them on the dance floor busting out moves throughout the night.

Here are some tips in helping you to get the right entertainers for your wedding bash.


1. Make sure to check out their performances online

It’s important to study their styles and the kind of music they play. You need to be able to find folks that fit the vibe of your wedding day. If you’re satisfied with what you’re listening or looking at online (something like Midlands Wedding Bands is great), then it’s time to set up a face-to-face meeting to hash out the details. If the musicians you’re interested in do not have an online portfolio, we suggest that you just stay away. No performers worth their salt would neglect to have a portfolio online to show potential customers.


2. Are they aware of the logistics at your wedding venue?

Bands often need to bring along musical instruments and sound systems, especially if it’s not provided at the venue. Make sure the band you’re engaging is aware of the logistics involved. You don’t want to be caught with a bunch of amateurs who thought that you’d provide them a whole new set of instruments and sound system.

3. Do they have client references?

It will be more reassuring to hear from couples that have used the bands before. Besides their talents, it’s also important to find out from a former client on their work ethics and professionalism. Genuine reviews go a long way in helping with your decision-making.


4. Can they learn new songs?

Maybe you have a few specific songs in mind that are not readily available in their repertoire. Are they willing to learn them? Will they play them well? The last thing you want is to hire people who play songs that you’re not even into. Do give them ample notice to learn the songs though, a four to six weeks’ notice is sufficient.


5. Are there extra charges that you may not be aware of?

Emcee services. Overtime. Tips. These are things that you should clarify with the band before booking to avoid unexpected surprises.
Once you’re ready to book your wedding band, make sure you get everything in writing.