A Hen Do for All Ages

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Kimberly Low on 08/08/2016

It is understandably daunting to organise a hen do with hens ranging from the still school-going niece to aunt-of-the-bride to grandmother of the bride. It’s tough because we’re talking about hosting something that has to suit a few generations!

Well, don’t you worry as I am here to help you host a fabulous hen party that everybody from 8 to 80 would love and remember.

1. Spa Day

If there’s one thing that every girl and woman could agree on, it’s definitely a luxurious spa day. Slip in a spa session with the ladies at a well-known spa and health club in central Birmingham. Rest assured, all your girls will be treated like members of the royalty and your day at the spa will only be interrupted by light lunch provided by the club. I can’t think of a better way to rejuvenate in time for the big day.

all ages at spa day


2. Cream tea on the canal

Cream tea is always a welcomed treat by just about anyone. As for cream tea on the canal? Now we’re talking! Take the girls on a picturesque cruise on the canal while savouring delicious treats and teas on a boat. Remember to dress for the occasion!


3. Manicure

Now getting a nice manicure is definitely something that is agreeable with women of all ages. It’s amazing what a set of groomed and nicely painted nails could do for a person’s confidence so get those digits looked after by professionals nail technicians.

manicure all ages


4. Make your own perfume

Fancy creating a customised perfume to commemorate the hen party or wedding day? There are perfume making classes available in Birmingham that could cater to large hen parties. These classes begin with an introduction to the perfume industry, followed by a lesson on the processes involved in creating a perfume. You also get to study up to 18 different scents and from there, you would be able to create your very own perfume. The best thing of course is that you get to bring home your special customised perfume at the end of the day!


5. Crafting

Whether it’s sculpting gorgeous fascinators, decorating cupcakes, making wedding buntings or sewing sexy garters, there’s just nothing quite as memorable as creating something beautiful and meaningful with your own hands. Bonus points for finding an activity that Nan is super thrilled with!


6. Makeup and photoshoot

This is definitely something that all girls, whether she’s 8 or 80 can agree on. Getting dolled up together and have glamour shots taken after, could there be anything more fun than that? So, take your girls for a make-up and photoshoot session to experience a genuine modelling experience.

I hope you’re able to throw a great hen party for all ages with these activities. Have a great hen do!