A Football Themed Hen Party

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Kimberly Low on 17/11/2016

You’ve been selected as the Maid of Honour and now you’re tasked with the most important duty; plan the hen weekend.

Lucky for you, you know exactly what the bride-to-be would want. A spunky, sporty, active woman…she will be thrilled with a football themed hen party!

How difficult is it to throw a football themed party? Well, if you followed our guide below, you should be able to pull off a fun and memorable hen do:

1. Decide on a budget

The cost to throw a party is nothing to scoff at so gather all the ladies and have a grown-up discussion over the budget. While setting the budget, you may encounter a couple of girls who are having a tight month, but it’s totally acceptable to check with everybody else whether they’re fine with covering for them. The goal is to have everybody agree on the biggest party expense account possible.

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2. Decide on the activities

Since it’s a football themed party, the activities naturally should involve football related games. You may be tempted to host an actual football game but please, no. It’s a party, not the town’s latest sporting event. Consider these games instead:
• Zorb Football - where you play football while being cocooned within a bouncy inflatable ball each. Hilarity ensues.
• FootPool – you might think you stand a chance if you’re the local pool champion but playing pool with your feet comes with a host of issues that may surprise you!
• FootGolf – this is no ordinary, boring golf. Instead of tiny golf balls and clubs, you will be using your feet to sink a standard football into a hole on the ground.
• Goggle Football – put on a pair of special goggles that bungle up your vision. Far becomes near and near becomes far. Throw football into the mix and voila, pure fun.

It’s not all about football though, don’t forget the girly activities like languid afternoon tea or a day at the spa. It’s a hen do, not a boot camp!

3. Where to stay?

Make sure the accommodation is near wherever the bulk of your activities are as you don’t really want to spend your time travelling so much. Since you have set a budget, get the nicest digs you can afford. There are plenty of nice apartments in Birmingham to choose from.

4. Party decorations

This is really the easiest task of planning of a football themed party. Among the things you can use to decorate your party are footballs, football jerseys, black & white balloons, football inflatables, green streamers and paper crafts. You can even get squares of plastic grass from the garden centre to jazz up the party venue. Pinterest is your place to go for inspiration.


5. Party food

What would you eat at a football party? Tasty and comforting food, of course. Consider dishes such as curry and rice, yummy savoury puffs, fried chickens, breadsticks, crackers and dips as well as cheeses. Then follow up with cream cakes or ice creams. Pucker!

Hope you’re able to pull off a smashing football themed hen party with this guideline!