8 Romantic Proposal Spots in Birmingham

by Kimberly Low on 20/10/2016

Congratulations! You’ve finally bought THE ring.

You can’t help sneaking a peek or two of the rock whenever the missus wanders off and mate, I feel you. The excitement is totally understandable.

However, before you ask her the big question, there’s another question that you need answer to and it’s “Where should I propose to her?”

If you don’t already know, the place you ask for her hand in marriage is as important as choosing the right bling. Getting proposed is possibly one the biggest highlights in a girl’s life and you ought to make it special and memorable.


So, without further ado, here’s a list of romantic proposal spots in Birmingham that will make your wife-to-be swoon with love:

1.    Cannon Hill Park

If you’re hoping to propose in summer then you should really consider Cannon Hill Park. Boat hire is available during the season and can you imagine how romantic it is to row your lady love to the middle of the lake and then pop the question?

2.    Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Imagine being surrounded by gorgeous evergreen plants lightly covered with powdery snow at a quiet Birmingham Botanical Gardens. How much more romantic can it get? Your girlfriend will definitely say yes.

3.    Hyatt Regency Hotel

Hyatt is a wonderful place to go down on one knee. Besides the luxurious environment and a pretty cracking restaurant, it also has some of the best views in Birmingham. Even better if you decided to spend the night, the Presidential Suite is nothing less than stunning.

4.    St Philip’s Cathedral

If you want to propose somewhere with a touch of heritage and drama, then St Philip’s Cathedral is the perfect place for you. The grandiose Grade I building is perfect for you folks with a penchant for traditions.

5.    The Rotunda

Propose to your lady love at one of the most iconic buildings in the city – the Rotunda.  There are nice 4 & 5 star apartments here with gorgeous views that you could book to stay so how about surprising her at the end of your romantic staycation? 

6.    Sarehole Mill

Do you and your girlfriend share a mutual liking for Lord of the Rings? Then Sarehole Mill could be the place for you to pop the question without having to fly half way across the globe to New Zealand. Away from the city but not too rural, Sarehole Mill ticks all the boxes for a romantic & idyllic proposal spot.

7.    Marco Pierre White at the Cube

Take your future fiancé up The Cube for an amazing meal at Marco Pierre White before getting down on one knee at the balcony. With great food and even greater views, there’s no reason for her to say anything other than “yes”.

8.    Grand Central

Pop the question in the middle of Grand Central, just like in the movies. The best thing about this location is that your missus would not have suspected a thing and would be thoroughly and happily surprised. After she’s said yes, both of you could even pop over to the Fizz Bar for a toast.  

Best of luck, guys!