5 Unconventional Hen Party Ideas

Posted in Hen Party Ideas & Advice by Kimberly Low on 23/06/2016

Trust me, you’re not the first girl to feel like abstaining from doing the classic club hop and getting smashed on her hen’s night. It is afterall a day of bonding and catching up with your best girlfriends and it’s totally understandable as to why you would prefer to remember every detail and conversations the day after.


Numerous friendships have both been strengthened or broken over hen parties, that’s how powerful these pre-wedding affairs are. So, we are here to give you 5 unconventional hen party ideas that, while may not fit in with the theme of hen parties that we’ve all come to know (and be wary of) but will surely be something that your girls could remember and look back fondly for years to come.  

Assault Course

You’re looking for an unconventional hen party idea, right? Why not bring your girls for an actual adventure? We’re talking about giving an outdoor assault course a go! This is a great opportunity to suss out the team players; the ones that will stick by you through thick and thin – cause those are the kind of girls you want support from on your wedding day.

Among the obstacles that you should expect are activities such as climbing up ropes, crossing various hurdles, rolling heavy tyres and many more. Since you’re all going to get a little dirty, make sure to bring a change of clothes and footwear. Belly-warming food and drinks will also be served at the site so you don’t have to worry about packing a picnic. Trust us, getting dirty couldn’t be more fun here!


Similar to an assault course but with less intensity, inflatable assault course is perfect for those want a lot of laughs with some competitive elements thrown in. Duel with your girlfriends gladiator style, run the silly sausage race together and partake in hilarious inflatable wrestling.

The inflatable assault course circuit is the epitome of unbridled padded fun. So, when you’re here, we suggest you to go completely all out cause it doesn’t hurt to bounce around here!

Perfume Making

Do you prefer the finer things in life? If you’re a lady with a taste for luxuries, this is a great way to commemorate your hen party – by going for a perfume making course with your girls. The day starts with an introduction to the world of perfume making, followed by an exercise of identifying 18 different fragrances. Once you have accustomed yourself to the scents, it’s time to blend the ones you have chosen – resulting in your very own unique fragrance.

Every hen gets to bring home a 5ml bottle of their perfume and the bride goes away with her own bottle of 20ml atomiser.

Make-up & Photoshoot

Does the idea of getting dolled up with your gal pals and then getting photographed professionally appeal to you? If it does, make it happen at your hen do with a make-up and photoshoot session in Birmingham! There will be two professional models to teach you how to pose in front of the camera after getting your transformation from a make-up artist. Your photographs with your girlfriends will be set against the backdrop of modern and sophisticated bars in the city centre.

What a wonderful activity as you can all look back at your modelling pictures with fondness for a long time to come.


Do you have good balance? A thirst for speed? Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have either because racing on a Segway is going to be fun for everybody!

These electric-powered personal transporters will be your vehicle to exploring the Birmingham countryside with your girlfriends. If you’ve never been on a Segway, don’t worry as there will be professional Segway instructors available to give you a detailed safety briefing and teach you how to operate the Segway. You will be riding one like a pro before you know it. That said, prepare for a lot of laughs with this activity!

Hope you’ll have a lot of fun with these suggestions at your hen parties!