5 Ice breaking Games for Any Party

by Kimberly Low on 04/08/2016

There are times in a party situation where not everybody knows each other. This may affect the dynamics of the party and could be the deciding factor between a fab party and a drab meeting.

Other than plying your guests with the social lubricator that is booze, it really comes in handy if you have planned a few ice-breaking games to warm your guests up. Here, I have 5 simple games that will turn utter strangers into bosom buddies by the end of your party.

guy having fun at the ice breaker


1. How Much Toilet Paper?

Firstly, get all your guests to sit in a circle facing each other. Ask the circle of people, “How much toilet paper do you need for a number two?” and give one of them a brand new toilet roll. He or she has to tear out the number of toilet papers needed and pass the toilet roll to the next person. The new person with the toilet roll now has to tear out the number of toilet papers he or she needs. This continues until everyone has torn out their respective toilet papers. Now everybody must take turn to explain why they need that many toilet papers and let the fun begins!


2. Q & A Session

Prepare two different papers; one containing a list of random questions and another containing a list of random answers. Begin by getting your guests to sit in a circle and then randomly choose someone to pick a question. This person will now read out a question and then he or she will pick whoever he or she likes to select an answer from the other paper. How high does it go on laughter scale really depends on the type of questions and answers you prepared, so be creative and be dirty.


3. Scavenger Hunt

Divide your guests into two teams. Now give each team a list of things that they must find at the party venue by a certain time. It could be a specific party decoration, an item of clothing or a piece of food. This game gives your guests reasons to communicate as a team. The team with the most items wins.


4. Arrange Yourself

This is a wonderful game for a small party of about 15 people. Once all your guests have arrived, gather them together and have them quickly arrange themselves into one line according to rules that you have prepared earlier. The rules could be things like, “arrange yourself from shortest to tallest’, “arrange yourself according to the first letter of your name”, “arrange yourself from youngest to oldest” and many more.


5. Act and React

You have to do some legwork before the party by preparing a set of cards. Write a random reaction on every card such as, “Ate very spicy curry”, “Stubbed toe on the door”, “Combing out frizzy hair” and many more. On party day, get your guests to randomly pick out a card without revealing to the rest what the card is. Their job is to introduce themselves and then act out the reaction and get everybody to guess what it is.

So there, 5 different activities that will get rid of the awkwardness of meeting for the first time. Have a great party!