Whisky Tasting

Prices from £30 pp

Minimum 10 people

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whisky is barely enough.”

Hailing from the beautiful highlands with its fresh single malt aroma and strong and breath-taking taste comes forth the distinguished scotch whisky shared and enjoyed by every brave heart all over the world including Mark Twain whose quote sits above. 

Enjoyed globally Stag and Hen Birmingham  didn't see why all you lovely stags and hens shouldn't get the chance to enjoy it on your parties in the city. So with the help of our friendly and expert team in the city centre of Birmingham you will be transported from its inception to modern day as you learn about this famous drink with the aid of 4/5 samples of course! Whichever way you look at it this tasting will be the perfect start to the night out to follow. We find stag and hen groups coming later on in the year when it is a little colder particularly enjoy this tasting to warm up to!

Whisky Tasting in Birmingham

Our experienced team will stand ready for you in a city centre venue and will introduce themselves on arrival and outline how the session will run. Designed to teach you a little about Whisky from inception to now with the help of 4 or 5 samples this is a fun session with a focus on making the drink accessible to all rather than to just those who have tasted it previously. Well adept at making each session fun for stags or hens the team personalises each session and will therefore put on an enjoyable tasting. We enjoyed their anecdotes when we went down to give it a try.

Whether you like yours tamed or wild and free in its natural element you will walk away feeling a new found respect for the beauty of this legendary and fiery elixir.


  • 90 mins session in Whisky
  • Professional mixologist
  • Learn the process and methods story behind the spirit.
  • 4/5 tastings altogether including welcome cocktail, blind tasting and farewell drink
  • Over 18s on this hen party

So see who the true drinker is by who can succeed with the blind taste test and who is better off sticking to the cocktails and get this fun whisky tasting onto your stag or hen plans in Birmingham