Quad Biking

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Stag and Hen Quad Biking in Birmingham

Whether you and the lad’s fancy a trek around the Midlands countryside whilst tackling the different terrains or you want to enjoy an adrenaline fuelled race against time where you can really prove who is the greatest man of all time then a session of Quad Biking is definitely the activity for you. Stag and Hen Birmingham have got together with one of the best outdoor activity areas to bring you Quad Biking in Birmingham for an adrenaline rush like you have never experienced before.

quad biking birmingham

Quad Bike Trekking- If creating competition is not what your looking for then this is the activity for you. A fun activity that can be either 1 or 1 ½  hours in duration. The session commences with a safety briefing where riders are shown how to handle the quads, what to avoid doing and how to get the best enjoyment from the trek. Safety equipment is issued and riders are given the opportunity to gain confidence on the quads before setting off on the trek. The group will then go out onto the farm and experience a variety of terrain including flat fields, hills, woodlands, ditches, rivers and streams. We must make you aware though this is a trek not a race.

Quad Bike Race – Now if your stag or hen  do is all about the competition then this activity is the prefect adrenaline soaked session for you. Teams or individuals compete around a timed course to complete the circuit in the fastest possible time. Riders alternate at regular intervals to make sure that all participants have equal race time on the course. A driving licence is not required to take part in this activity. Medals are awarded for first, second and third place so you can have lasting proof that you are the champion!

If you fancy it why not do both not only will get to experience the stunning Midlands countryside and test your driving skills but the price will be lower.

Not a stag or hen group and still want to enjoy Quad Biking? – well call us on 07970047821 or email info@stagandhenbirmingham.co.uk and we would be delighted to answer any queries or make the necessary bookings.