Power Biking

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Power Turning for Stags and Hens

The Powerturn Buggy is a vehicle unlike any other. Choose to take part in this activity and you will not be disappointed. Two drivers will take control of the buggy which comes without a steering wheel or pedals and attempt to steer your way around the planned out course using only 2 levers. As well as powering around the course the power buggies give you the chance to spin on the spot and do some amazing wheelies even when you are going around corners.


Power Turn Buggies Birmingham

The great thing about this activity is it is a test of communication get it wrong and before you know it your heading towards the field on 2 wheels as your fellow stags and hens zoom past you and take away the trophy. Power Turn Buggies can zip along at 30mph and more, and because of their unique set up, in the right hands they can be driven round a track quicker than a conventional vehicle – but don’t let that stop you sliding and spinning your way around the course.