Shock Football

Prices from £30 pp

Minimum 10 people

"Shocking" decisions and football skills - Electric Fun!

The latest big trend to hit the stag and hen party activity circuit is the outrageously good fun "Shock Football" - What pray tell is that we here you ask? Well put simply it is a game of 5 a side with the added spark of danger that all ten players and even the referee if you so choose are wearing shock collars around some part of their body. That means make a shocking dive or get a decision wrong and one of your fellow stags and hen can exert some swift justice via the shock collar remote control. Pick just the right moments for the best comedy effect and the outcomes are hilarious. 

Shock Football Birmingham

Our Shock Football sessions come with venues provided and they are usually sports centres as close as we can get to the city centre and on arrival your experienced and friendly host will greet you and run you through how your session will go. Included generally tends to be the following:-

  • A 1 hour session at a provided venue 
  • A host to explain the session, referee and show you how the kit works
  • Shock Collars with remote controls
  • A variety of games including "Shock Penalties"
  • Transport to the venue not included in the price

Now our pricing is always based on 10 or more people taking part as underneath that we query both hwo frequently you will end up zapping one another and also value for money but do feel free to enquire if you are still desperate to have it at your party and we can quote for that for you. With 10 collars per session then the more numbers you have the more fun you can have as those not playing at the moment can do the shocking before the tables are turned! 

Still can't quite get your head around this brand new activity? Well check out the video below and then when you have finished laughing make sure you add it to your weekend basket or drop us a line so we can get you booked in sharpish!