Prices from £25 pp

Minimum 10 people

Did you ever as a young girl watch longingly as the popular girls on the US sitcoms flew around the pitch impressing the boys. Well now is your chance to relive your childhood dream and shake those pom poms whilst enjoying Birmingham Cheerleading. Following a fantastic 2 hour session learning some of the best Cheerleading moves around why not carry on the theme and hit the bars of Birmingham still shaking those Pom Poms.

Cheerleading Birmingham

Stag and Hen Birmingham has linked up with the right firm to give you the best possible time cheerleading. Its instructors, some with over a decade of professional dancing experience, will ease you in gently with a few basic moves and combinations before turning you into a finely polished Birmingham cheerleading troupe capable of a stunning cheer routine to finish your session. Certificates  and a bottle of bubbly, sparkling wine for the bride will then be dished out to take away with you. For a couple of hours it will be like you are extras from “Bring It On” giving Kirsten Dunst a run for her money.

NB To get the full experience Stag and Hen Birmingham would suggest with this activity you take a minimum of two hours for your Birmingham cheerleading party.

Interested in Cheerleading in Birmingham but not a hen group. It doesn’t matter – simply call 07970047821 or email to enquire or book.

(Minimum number required for all dance packages is 8 people)