Blindfold 4x4 Driving

Prices from £30 pp

Minimum 8 people

Blindfold Driving - Which navigator would you trust?

Situated a short drive north of the city centre of Birmingham at an outdoor activity site our supplier can offer stag and hen parties staying in Birmingham a unique experience not doable on normal roads - Blindfold 4x4 driving. Split into teams one person takes control of the wheel with a blindfold on and then the other tries to direct their partner through a series of obstacles and gates against the clock. So when it comes to picking teams we suggest choosing the fellow stag or hen that you chat to the most!

Blindfold Driving Birmingham

This activity lasts one hour and will see everyone getting involved and quite a varied difference between quickest and longest time take for the course as we guarantee all participants will soon forget their left and rights and driving in a straight line soon become a distant memory! Don't worry though with friendly experienced and adept marshalls it will all take place in complete safety! Oh and did we mention their is an emergency stop button for those #fail moments!

The site has changing facilities and limited food and drink options if you bring along some cash with you and if you want to make a day of it there are a series of other activities that happen at the same site so ask on enquiry for those so we can ensure your groups do those that you are after

NB Transport to the site for this motorised version of "Blind Mans Bluff" is not included within this price so let us know on enquiry if you want us to include this. 

Great fun, utterly unique and with a competitive edge we certainly enjoy this as a Stag and Hen Birmingham team favourite!!